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Student Resumes

These Fresh Wood students are ready to work! If you are interested in hiring the industry’s best and brightest, check out these resumes:

Tudor Bertea (project:  Slide: Chair+Table)

Jacob Cowan (project: Tiger in the Lilies)

Funi Ding (project: Merge)

Brendan Bernhardt Gaffney (project: Cabinetmaker’s Zither)

Nathaniel Hall (project: Invitation Stool)

J. Dylan Howe (project: Eleanor)

Sarah Kimble (project: Plane Spaces)

Benjamin Pedrick (project: Sema Seat)

Matthew Spallinger (project: Miniature Highboy)

Joshua Torbick (project: Standing Wedge)

Austin (Tian) Yang (project: Grace Chair)


Business opportunities from Fresh Wood and Turning to the Future students:

Purchase Inquiry Guide

The following guide contains Fresh Wood and Turning to the Future Projects that are available for purchase. If you are interested, contact the student-makers to learn more.

See PDF Purchase Inquiry Guide

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