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John Ratzenberger

John Ratzenberger, Actor, Director, New England Framer

John Ratzenberger, Actor, Director, New England Framer

Prior to his career in the entertainment industry, actor John Ratzenberger was a framer which afforded him the ability to work anywhere in the world. During that time, he started his acting career in London which eventually led to his role on Cheers. John has kept his connection to his hands-on carpentry skills with an unwavering commitment to American manufacturing and the skills shortage crisis we’re facing. He produced and starred in the Travel Channel show “John Ratzenberger’s Made in America” which showcased American products and the tradesmen who make them.  For the past decade John’s been traveling the country meeting with companies, unions, associations and politicians all working to reinvigorate skills training from re-instating shop classes in schools, to building apprentice programs for our returning veterans. He is the founder of the American Museum of Manufacturing in Bridgeport, CT which will open summer 2018. When not on the set, John can be found in his woodshop enjoying the smell of sawdust – as he says, “it’s better than a trip to Hawaii.”


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