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Trade shows remain one of the most important and effective ways to communicate with your prospective customers and market your products and services. Take advantage of high-performing Sponsorship and Advertising opportunities to elevate your company, drive onsite traffic and shine the spotlight on your products and brand. Packages may be tailored to fit your marketing objectives, strategies and budget.

Advertising & Sponsorship
Advertising and sponsorship is the most direct way to get your message across to your customers and prospects. From electronic advertising, to onsite banners, APP, kiosk signs and many more advertising opportunities are available at AWFS Fair 2015.

2015 Plastics Highlight Program
We will be placing a special emphasis on plastics and plastic fabrication during the 2015 Fair. Participating companies will be highlighted at the show, we will also be conducting specific Plastics educational sessions and we will be executing a specific plastics attendee marketing campaign. Click Here for more details and to sign your company up at no additional charge.

To create a custom sponsorship plan, contact:
Amy Bartz
Phone: (323) 215-0302
Email: amy@awfs.org.



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