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FR72: Touch-up Repair to Damaged Wood & Coatings

Damage to your product can occur in production, in transport, during installation, or on-location. Should you repair, refinish or replace? Which is the most cost effective? Cosmetic repair in the hands of the right person, in either the shop or on-location, is the first key to the answer, as is choosing well from a wide range of products to perform various repair techniques. Mitch starts with the basics that build to performing advanced repairs. Methods of filling the damaged area, color theory, coating repair, and sheen control will be discussed. You will learn the options in tools and materials available for repairing damaged wood/coatings. Not only are the right tools and materials critical, but how you use them can impact the speed and quality of the repair. Finally, once the correct shape has been reestablished, the coloring process – where the real artistry begins – will be addressed.
Price by June 30: $55
Price after June 30: $75

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