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FR68: Teaching and Evaluating the Wood Industry’s Skill Standards

I’ve completed my Woodwork Career Alliance (WCA) evaluator training – now what do I do? Whether you are in education or industry, this session will provide useful ideas that you can use to implement the WCA credentialing system in your school or business. The WCA has assembled a library of videos, training resources, and educational materials to make your job easier. Join two veteran teachers who have used the WCA Skill Standards to shape their curriculum and find out how they manage the training and credentialing process. You will learn ways to plan and prepare your academic calendar to incorporate WCA credentials into your curriculum and practical methods to evaluate your students. Not a trained WCA Evaluator? Don’t let that stop you from attending! This session will show you how you can improve your training program and access resources to accomplish your goals faster and better.
Price by June 30: $55
Price after June 30: $75

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