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WE21: Plastic Fabrication – Staying Competitive in a Rapidly Changing Environment

This seminar will review the risks for fabricators of not adapting to demand changes in various plastic fabrication markets, including the downturn in the POP display market, and strategies that can be employed to remain competitive and foster growth. Mike, a plastics industry veteran of over 50 years who has run his own plastic fabrication business, will discuss the rapid market changes occurring today in the plastics fabrication environment and the impact to your business and actions for successful navigation. Attendees will learn specific CNC technologies and machine configurations to provide the maximum flexibility for growth applications. Mike will guide you through saw cutting and CNC machining demonstrations that focus on tooling, edge finish, material yield, and reduced cycle time. He will also address plastic fabrication safety and identify key machinery features designed to protect operators and businesses from serious injury.
Price by June 30: $55
Price after June 30: $75

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