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FR73: Looking Under the Hood – How One Successful Maker Does Business

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Paul Downs’ business started from a wish to “just make furniture” in 1986. Since then, Paul has grown his company from a single-man shop to 19 employees and he’s never made a kitchen. He will tell you what factors have led to his success including how to market over the Internet, how he hires, what he pays and how much money he takes home – all the questions you’d love to ask but would fear seeming a little rude. As someone who has mastered Search Engine Optimization (SEO), he will discuss what makes a perfect Internet product and how to convert website leads into sales. He will share ways to test new applicants to eliminate bad hires and talk about the pay scale that eliminates turnover – and provide each attendee with a complete copy of the shop test he uses when he hires his next worker. Paul’s talk in 2015 was one of the top rated presentation at AWFS. This year he’s back with an update, telling how he’s survived two difficult years.
Price by June 30: $55
Price after June 30: $75

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