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WE29: Dust Collection And Combustible Dust for Secondary Wood Operations – Fundamentals and Safety

Large Businesses IconThis session combines basic dust collection fundamentals with information on combustible dust for medium to large woodworking plants. Participants will learn about basic design and guidelines to assist in the specification, installation, operation and maintenance of an effective, efficient and safe dust collection system. With OSHA’s use of NFPA 664 standards to determine if a workplace is safe, the future will require the use of high and low vacuum technologies to meet the housekeeping standards. The session includes a case study to see how this information is utilized in a real world scenario. You will also get the latest safety updates on the combustible aspects of dust and how to prevent an explosion. Find out what standards and regulations you should be reviewing and how they affect your company. Learn what role NFPA and your insurance company play and how to mitigate the impact of an OSHA inspection.
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Price after June 30: $75

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