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WE34: Curved Joinery, Edges and Inlays

This class is a must for beginner and professional woodworkers alike who want to take their furniture to the next level. This easy-to-understand demonstration shows you how to add an incredible range of exciting curved edges, joinery, and inlays. Scott will reveal a simple system using a set of large offset template guides on a router, which when used properly, accurately mate a hardwood seam to any curve. The process will be clearly explained with a variety of real-time demonstrations, photos, drawings and renderings to illustrate each step. Fine inlays in various materials made from wood, shell, metal, and glow-in-the-dark composite will be shown to add just the right detail to your project. (Scott will be available after the session to sign his book, Hardwood Edging and Inlay for Curved Tables, available for purchase on-site and as a door prize for one lucky registered seminar attendee.)
Price by June 30: $55
Price after June 30: $75

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