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TH49: Cold Metal Casting and Reproduction for Furniture Embellishment

Why spend hours developing a one-of-a-kind piece of furniture only to add a two dollar-piece of hardware that your neighbor has on his kitchen cabinet? This session is dedicated to mold making, reproduction and cold metal bronze-casting to create or reproduce just about any form and texture, whether a found object such as a pine cone, a finely carved picture frame or a hand-sculpted door pull. Adding these features to your work in bronze can be the perfect “icing on the cake”, and this process can help to embellish your work with unique details and avoid chain-store cabinet pulls or ornamentation. No special equipment is required. In 20 minutes a mold and casting can be made and it’s easier than baking that cake! Scott will expand and demonstrate techniques shared in his Fine Woodworking Fall 2015 Master Class article.
Price by June 30: $55
Price after June 30: $75

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