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TH50: 3D Printing – Applications in Woodworking

Moderator: Matt Stultz
From running shoes to racing drones, 3D printing has found its way into numerous hobbies and industries, with woodworking no exception. Do you need a custom jig to hold your work at a precise angle?  Not a problem, print it. How about duplication of a small section of broken antique crown molding?  Scan it and print it. Users are printing their own tools and sharing those designs with others in open communities, helping others to create their own work. Experts from Autodesk’s famed Pier 9 and Make Magazine will guide you through some of the best examples of how this flexible tool is being used in the woodworking industry, as they share some of their own experiences incorporating one of the oldest maker skills with one of the newest. This session is part 2 of a two-part series on 3D printing for woodworking businesses.
Price by June 30: $55
Price after June 30: $75

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